A diverse fleet of vehicles


We are capable of leasing you any of our items of technical equipment short-term by individual arrangement.


We have a locomotive fleet of 30 traction vehicles, which are intended for siding operation and also for operation on nationwide and regional tracks.

We own traction vehicles from the 121, 140, 242, 365, 700, 701, 702, 703, 710, 721, 730, 740, 742 and 749 series.

We lease locomotives for both construction closure work and also for comprehensive carriage of consignments in the Czech and Slovak republics. We also lease several locomotives for siding operation, which is advantageous for clients who are unable to or do not wish to own a traction vehicle for any reason.

We usually lease the locomotives with an engine driver or train driver, who is properly trained and licenced and has all the requisite tests for carrying out his profession in the Czech and Slovak republics. We are capable of assuring movement of the locomotive from/to the lease site using our own licence for rail transport operation.

Rail wagons

On the basis of long-term collaboration with major domestic and foreign companies we are capable of arranging lease or purchase and sale of rail wagons of all series types. We lease wagons throughout the EU and we are capable of assuring tailor made lease of railway wagons, which means:

  • Consultancy in the field of rail transport
  • Selection of a suitable vehicle for the specific transport activity
  • Lease or purchase of railway wagons
  • In the case of simultaneous carriage goods the lease price of the wagons can be included in the price of carriage
  • Assurance of technical lease acceptance and return inspections using our own and independent wagon foremen
  • Assurance of technical and operating inspections, maintenance and repairs during lease.