Unique taring technology

Weight centre

We own two railway tare vehicles intended for calibrating rail weighbridges. The vehicles are also used as weight during load bearing tests of newly built or renovated bridges and we use our own standard weights to calibrate road weighbridges as standard. Both rail vehicles are approved for performing calibration in the Czech republic and in Slovakia.

Both vehicles are equipped with a small electric crane for easier handling of standard weights and a transmission for delicate movement along the rails around the weighbridge in reach of power cables. The newest standard weight vehicle can also carry a weight of up to 120 tons, i.e. 30 tons per axel and is capable of lifting itself above the rails using a hydraulic system, with the wagon being able to apply a weight of 2x60 tons within a distance of just 3.100 mm. This system is ideal for calibrating the small bridges of three-bridge weighbridges.

We have been using the standard weight vehicles and weights for calibrating weighbridges in

  • the Czech Republic - we perform official calibration and we are capable of assuring an audit and turnkey calibration for specific types of weighbridge using our own employees for local weighing companies.
  • Slovakia - we perform annual calibration of weighbridges for local weighing companies, including complex audits every year