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Rail carriage

We have been providing rail carriage services since 2001, when we realised this service for our own construction purposes only, within the terms of the Inženýrské a dopravní stavby Olomouc Company. As the newly established IDS CARGO Company we gradually established carriage of other goods, mainly agricultural commodities, oils, diesel, chemical products, cement, ash, coal, automobiles and various exceptional consignments from 2007.

We are mentioned as a rail carrier in the European Union Bulletin (so-called Eurolicence) and we realise carriage of consignment by private trains throughout the EU with partners from other countries. We realise carriage using our own locomotives and staff in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also offer the opportunity of attaching smaller groups of carriages to our trains along major rail networks in the Czech Republic.

Our advantage in this segment is that we focus on all the requirements of each of our customers who require a great deal of flexibility. We are capable of assuring all this thanks to the operative deployment of our own specialist personnel and a large fleet of varied technical equipment. All this is supported by an above-standard information service about the progress of carriage.