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We have experience with the operation of railway transport since 2001, when it was implemented only for our own construction purposes within the company Inženýrské a dopravní stavby Olomouc. Since 2007, as a new company, IDS CARGO has gradually penetrated the transportation of other goods, mainly agricultural commodities, oils, diesel, chemical products, cement, fly ash, coal, cars and various special consignments.

Rail transport

We are listed as a railway carrier in the Journal of the European Union (so-called Eurolicence) and in cooperation with foreign partners we carry out shipments by private trains throughout the EU. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we then carry out transports with our own locomotives and staff. We also offer the possibility of running smaller groups of cars on our trains on the backbone networks in the Czech Republic.  

Our advantage in this segment is a strong focus on all the requirements of each customer requiring a high degree of flexibility. We are able to ensure all this thanks to the operative commitment of our own professional staff and a large fleet of diverse technical facilities. Everything is supported by an above-standard information service about the entire course of transport.

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